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OnTurtle and Axxès, a specialist in electronic tolling for lorries in Europe, have teamed up to facilitate the payment of tolls for professional transport. Thanks to a new collaboration agreement, customers of both companies will be able to drive faster and more efficiently on European roads. OnTurtle has thus expanded the list of countries within our single-toll system, OnTolls Europe, and offers contracting of two new ones, B’moov and Viaxxès. In addition, the alliance also involves the expansion of other services, such as secure parking payment for lorries.

OnTolls Europe — further than ever before

To that end, OnTurtle has expanded the range of OnTolls Europe products and services, as the collaboration with Axxès allows us to provide new devices for various types of vehicles. The number of countries through which our customers can travel is thereby increasing, with advantages and facilities available to drivers and transport companies according to the specific needs of each case (whether it be a lorry, bus or utility vehicle).

“This alliance expands our capacity to continue offering our customers our trademark service”, states Pere Pinto, Business Development Director at OnTurtle, who adds, “It furthers our progress within our OnTheWay range, which is being rescaled every day to adapt to various types of customers”.

New devices to speed up freight mobility in Europe

« Axxès continues to grow in Spain and Europe, where it has 300,000 active devices. We attach great importance to quality of service and, in this respect, we can aid OnTurtle, for example, with the help of our IT department, which is dedicated to daily support for our European partners, » explained Alexandre Baltazar, Head of Partnerships in the Iberian Peninsula at Axxès.

The new agreement allows OnTurtle’s customers to use the B’moov, a lorry-focused tolling device that allows transport professionals to drive in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Hungary. The B’moov device will also go into operation in Bulgaria this summer, and in Switzerland by the end of the year. The Czech Republic and Slovakia will incorporate it in 2023.

Users will also have access to Viaxxès, which operates at tollbooths in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. As for Axxès light vehicle devices, these will be available for use in France only, but are expected to be introduced in Spain, Portugal and Italy in the near future.

More support and services for our customers

In addition to toll payment, the B’moov device will allow our customers to access and pay for a total of 17 secure car parks located in various parts of Europe, in addition to those already available in our international network, such as Béziers, Calais and La Jonquera.

This agreement with the French firm also provides transport professionals with new services such as the Axxès Fleet Manager, a geolocation system that does not require a fixed installation or connection to a tachograph and does not provide consumption data. They can also access the Axxès Data Connect service, which allows connection to the main large-scale distribution logistics platforms.