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Switzerland is the twelfth country that we are adding to OnTolls Europe. As part of our aim to make work simpler for goods transport professionals, we are continuing to expand coverage with the only toll payment device that allows drivers to travel freely on highways in twelve European countries.

In addition to Switzerland, OnTolls offers coverage in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Poland (on the A4 highway between Krakow and Katowice), Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Our customers truly value the service thanks to the comfort it provides. Its advantages include:

  • Lower rental costs for companies.
  • The possibility to personalise routes, hiring the service only to be used on requested routes.
  • An intuitive design that can update data simply.
  • A geolocation system and route calculator.

OnTolls Europe users can update it to activate it in Switzerland with a simple remote operation. You just need to ask for it from your sales rep or send an email to:

This unique toll device reinforces our commitment to innovation “On The Way” by developing systems to make goods mobility simpler.