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At OnTurtle we are kicking off 2022 by expanding our cross-border services with our first TransLogistics Centre at Jonquera-Pont de Molins: 35,000 square metres of purpose-built space with supervised parking, comprehensive services, tarpaulin and tyre repair, vehicle washing, freight exchange and service station. This expansion to our services on the border with France comes thanks to our partnership with Calsina Carré to provide better coverage for our customers in a strategic location for movement of goods across the continent.


Better coverage for international transport on the border with France

With this addition to our international network, as well as a service area at La Jonquera designed to offer a comprehensive service to professional drivers in their travels, OnTurtle is adding to its service portfolio its first Transport Logistic Centre at Pont de Molins, a logistics hub spanning 7,000 square metres just 18 kilometres from the French border. A true full-service facility open 24/7 at the gateway to Europe for our international customers. Its strategic location is going to facilitate the movement of goods between Spain and the rest of Europe with a multitude of comprehensive services designed for large fleets.


Integrated services like Cross-Docking and Use of Terberg tow vehicles

The integrated services for customers of OnTurtle available its new  TransLogistics Centre Jonquera-Pont de Molins notably include Cross-Docking, an efficient way of handling products and goods. It is a form of product distribution that keeps handling and storage processes to a minimum, moving goods from their place of production to the consumer in the fastest and most direct way. There are also logistics services that includepallet loading, unloading and storage, that can reduce the costs of product storage and preservation, offering many advantages to both logistics businesses and consumers.

In addition, large fleets will have access to a cargo reconditioning service at the Translogistics Centre itself, which will help to avoid possible damage in transit.

Finally, the partnership with Calsina Carré also provides Terberg services at this new Translogistics Centre. That will mean that trailers can be moved round independently inside the facility, leaving tractors parked up in the secure parking.

Over 400 secure parking spaces

This newly added logistics hub brings to our network new secure parking places next to the French border, in addition to the spaces we already have at our La Jonquera service station.

The secure lorry parking at our first Translogistics Centre Jonquera-Pont de Molins is backed by the European Secure Parking Organisation (ESPORG) and adds 400 new places in Pont de Molins, just 18 kilometres from France. With that, we are expanding our European network of secure parking to offer a better service to our international customers.