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Weaving a network of aid supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine. This is the objective that we have set ourselves at OnTurtle, together with clients such as Huelfrio and Grupa Bury and the NGOs OlVIDAdos and Altius Foundation, with whom we are joining forces to bring aid to the border. To this end, these non-profit organisations have set up a Spain-Ukraine humanitarian corridor to deliver basic necessities. To achieve this, companies such as Huelfrio and Trucksters have provided transport and drivers. For our part, OnTurtle is facilitating the use of our DieselCard to cover the cost of refuelling during the journey.

A humanitarian corridor to Ukraine with essential goods

The NGO OlVIDAdos is a non-profit association with more than a decade of history. With a clear focus on assistance, the NGO places special emphasis on the protection of children and families at risk of social exclusion. It currently has an emergency campaign underway for Ukraine, which is why its team has travelled repeatedly to the country’s border with Romania to deliver basic necessities such as food, equipment and medicines to help meet the needs of refugees from the war.

In this sense, Inma del Prado, secretary of OlVIDAdos and responsible for managing the trips, explained that they are « very grateful », as the OnTurtle cards have allowed them to cross Europe, from Puertollano to Ukraine, with a van that has also been lent to them. « We send them everything that has been donated to us, » she adds, which ranges from food to medicine to clothing. In many cases, Ukrainians fleeing the conflict have barely been able to take personal belongings with them.

Currently, the NGO is asking for food such as rice, dried pulses, tinned food, biscuits and infant milk. Financial donations can also be made for the purchase of these products.

A round trip with Huelfrio

In many cases, the journey serves a purpose beyond delivering humanitarian material: it is an escape route for many refugees aiming to reach Spain to make a fresh start. This is how Benito, one of the Huelfrio drivers in charge of taking the lorry to the Polish border, explains it: « I am helping these people find housing, jobs, and a school for their children. I also accompany them to arrange their documentation situation with the National Police.”

With the support of OnTurtle and our international network of more than 1,600 service stations, Huelfrio drivers have access to several supply points, to ensure that the material arrives punctually at the Polish border. They were also supported in finding hotels to rest.

« Being able to help people is something very gratifying and something that cannot be put into words, » concludes Benito. At OnTurtle, we also hope to continue to do our bit for the cause.

More kilometres to help those displaced by the war in Ukraine

Professional transport has been working hard to get humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This chain collaboration includes other companies, such as Trucksters, which has also made some of its lorries available to support the Altius Foundation to reach the Polish border.

With our DieselCard to guarantee fuel during the journey, and thanks to the donations of thousands of people, these transports are key to providing those displaced by the war with food, hygiene products, blankets and first aid kits, among other items. This entity also works to coordinate the reception and accompaniment of Ukrainian refugees in Spain.

The same system has worked for the Polish company Grupa Bury, which has also mobilised to allow professional transport to use their international routes for humanitarian purposes.

Aware that every kilometre adds up to a greater cause, OnTurtle will continue to support humanitarian initiatives to help those who need it most.