The Redtortuga name

The tortoise is the emblem that identifies us and the name everyone in the world of transmission knows us by. But the choice of this loveable reptile as the company’s distinguishing mark has an explanation.

Once we had landed on the idea of the La Jonquera station, the company needed a name and a logo that was representative as well as striking. We looked to the area around the station, the Sierra de la Albera. We called the company Oil Albera in reference to the mountains surrounding the station and for the logo we chose one of the most famous of the Sierra’s native wildlife. Can you guess which? That’s right, Hermann’s tortoise. La Albera is the only place on the Iberian peninsula where this endangered species of tortoise lives in the wild.

The nature around Redtortuga’s La Jonquera station is the Sierra de la Albera, the only place on the Iberian peninsula where Hermann’s tortoise lives in the wild.

Haulage contractors quickly came to know the station as La Tortuga (The Tortoise), and that’s how, when the national network was rolled out, it ended up being called REDTORTUGA.